20210624 How referrals can supercharge your firm’s growth
20210624 How referrals can supercharge your firm’s growth
This event is closed.
This event is closed.

How referrals can supercharge your firm’s growth

Join Ed Chan (Wize Mentoring and Chan & Naylor) as he shares his simple method for designing a proven referral strategy so you can grow your accounting firm.


One form of marketing trumps all others for accounting firms: word-of-mouth.

Never underestimate the power that client referrals can have on your success. There is no surer way to gain new clients, and just as importantly, make certain those new clients are the types of customers you actually want.

Yet a shockingly large number of practices do not have any referral strategy whatsoever.

Join Jamie Johns (Wize Mentoring and Sky Accounting) to find out how to use referrals to your advantage. Jamie will share his simple method for designing a referral strategy that is proven to work, puts no pressure on your current clients, and will ultimately create clients who create other clients organically.

Register to learn:

  • Why a healthy Emotional Bank Account (EBA) is the key to referrals

  • How to identify the clients you want referrals from (and those you don’t)

  • How to gain client trust, and build connection and keep your EBA full

  • Quick wins you can take today to kick off your referrals

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Meet the speaker
  • Jamie Johns
    Jamie JohnsCEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants

    Jamie Johns is the CEO & Founder of Sky Accountants, an Australian accounting firm serving business and individual clients. He also co-founded Wize Mentoring, along with Ed Chan and Brenton Ward. Through Wize Mentoring, Jamie and his team provide personal development and business mentoring services to help accounting practice owners scale and grow sustainably. A people-person at heart, Jamie spends his time connecting with people whether it’s at work or in his personal free time in order to help them achieve their goals.