The metrics that give you control without being controlling

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To understand your accounting firm’s health and potential for future growth, metrics are key. But unfortunately, few firms track their numbers and productivity, and many that do are focusing on the wrong ones.

In this webinar, Jamie Johns (Sky Accounting) will share the five key performance indicators that allow him to accurately assess the health of his firm.

He will also outline the importance of setting up a system to monitor your firm, and how you can use these metrics to always remain in control, without needing to micromanage.

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Jamie Johns
CEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants

Jamie founded Sky Accountants in 2003, which has gone on to be awarded Panalitix's Accounting Business of the Year and Most Innovative Accounting Firm of The Year, and IPA's Australian Member of the Year and Victorian Practice of the Year. Sky Accountants was also featured in the book, "The World's Most Inspiring Accountants". Today, Jamie oversees the growth of Sky Group’s various businesses and mentors clients through WIZE Mentoring, which he co-founded with Ed Chan.

Jamie Johns

Richard Snell
Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific, Karbon

Richard brings almost 20 years of leadership experience working for SaaS companies in the accounting industry including MYOB, QuickFee and Wolters Kluwer. He has a proven record of helping accounting firms leverage technology to grow and improve their business.

Richard Snell