Webinar 20220412 How to manage scope creep in Karbon
Webinar 20220412 How to manage scope creep in Karbon
This event is closed.
Karbon WebinarThis event is closed.

How to manage scope creep in Karbon

Learn how to price efficiently and avoid hidden costs with this detailed webinar on avoiding scope creep.


Scope creep is one of your accounting firm’s biggest costs. The resources required to complete a job increase, and time and effort needs to be invested that you never budgeted for. It means write-offs and completing work for free.

But scope creep can be avoided.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use Karbon to price every client job accurately, stay on top of your work-in-progress, and ensure that you no longer fall victim to this hidden cost that is hurting your firm’s bottom line.

Register to learn how you can use Karbon to:

  • Translate time estimates to dollars so that you price every job accurately

  • Ensure the right people are assigned to the right work based on billable rates

  • Visualize progress in real-time to avoid any nasty surprises

  • Know if you are trending under or over-budget, whether it’s dollars or hours

  • Identify when work is going off-track and make instant adjustments before it’s too late

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive the recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Jake Lyman
    Jake LymanAccount Executive — Team Lead, Karbon

    Jake is passionate about helping guide teams toward more scalable and efficient processes through applying automation where it makes sense. If we give time back to your team, they can use it on things they value most.