How to manage an outsourced team with Karbon

Chad SmithAccount Executive, Karbon
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If you manage an off-shore or remote team, you’re probably familiar with challenges caused by a lack of visibility, missed tasks, and collaboration delays.

Most firms that outsource just accept these as a trade-off for all the other advantages outsourcing brings.

But not firms that use Karbon.

In this video, Chad demonstrates how hundreds of accounting firms are using Karbon to manage their outsourced team. The techniques shown will help you to optimize your outsourced resources, ensure every team member has clarity around roles and responsibilities, and improve collaboration effectiveness.

Watch to learn how outsourced firms use Karbon to:

  • Ensure no work falls through the cracks

  • Share client communication and activity

  • Manage capacity

  • Collaborate across timezones

  • Adjust priorities to ensure every deadline is met

  • Make informed decisions based on output, status, capacity and client behavior

Chad Smith
Account Executive, Karbon

Chad's always had an interest in the power of software to the success of any business. When he's not guiding firms toward more scalable and efficient processes, he's playing either golf or softball.

Chad Smith's (Account Executive at Karbon) headshot