Karbon’s Client Portal: Spend less time chasing clients

Rory BreachAccount Executive, Karbon

Spend less time chasing, and more time providing value to, your clients with Karbon’s Client Portal

As much as 25% of current time spent on email could be repurposed by shifting communication to a social collaboration platform, resulting in 8% of the workweek being made available for more value-adding activities.

Karbon’s Client Portal is that collaborative platform for you and your clients.

In this introductory video designed specifically for those who want to learn more about Karbon, we’ll share:

  • An introduction to the Client Portal in Karbon

  • How a client portal helps you collaborate effectively with clients

  • How to empower your clients to self-serve, find information, comment, and ask questions using Karbon’s Client Portal

Keep clients engaged and manage communications securely with a frictionless experience for both you and your clients.

Rory Breach
Account Executive, Karbon

Rory loves helping accounting firms thrive with powerful solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.

Miranda Kendall
Managing Director, UK, Karbon

With more than 18 years as a leader working in SaaS, Miranda has a gift for building and scaling businesses that are entering new markets and achieving results that impact. In her last role before Karbon, she started with a blank canvas and left the company performing £6M Annual Recurring Revenue. She is passionate about helping accounting firm improve their operations using efficient, scalable and automated processes, and improving their productivity and profitability.