Karbon usage benchmarks: How does your firm compare?

Ian VacinChief Customer Officer, Karbon

In this video, VP of Customer Success, Andi Ancheta, and Chief Customer Officer, Ian Vacin, reveal Karbon usage metrics.

Discover the overall benchmarks and statistics across all Karbon using firms, how they get aggregated, and the breakdown by individuals and firms of a similar size and attributes like yours. And of course, you’ll learn how to get your own firm's personalized analysis and comparison today.

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Ian Vacin
Chief Customer Officer, Karbon

Ian is passionate about helping businesses be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years' experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is a recognized expert, innovator, and teacher.

Andi Ancheta
VP of Customer Success, Karbon

Andi is passionate about building strong relationships with customers to understand their desired outcomes and help them achieve their goals. With more than 15 years of experience at Intuit, few are better-equipped than Andi to ensure every Karbon customer has a great experience.