Introducing Karbon Academy

After two years, hundreds of hours of content production and curriculum planning, and the odd internal quarrel, Karbon is launching the most ambitious education syllabus that has ever been put together for accountants and bookkeepers. Built specifically for senior leaders and aspiring leaders in firms producing more than $1m of revenue, Karbon Academy will put you on a journey designed to test you and deliver unexpected, incredibly rewarding outcomes.

You're invited to come on a journey with your industry peers, to think in new ways about your firm and your place within it, and to ultimately take your career to heights greater than you thought possible.

This is not technical training. If you are here simply for the CPE credits, this is not for you. You will need to dig deep to think about the firm you would like to create or be a part of. The course content comes from the heart and the quality has been tested by Karbon customers over and over again.

We're unbelievably committed to delivering and producing the highest education content and curriculum that will launch you and your practice to a whole new level. We have assembled leaders in our industry from across the globe, who have not only made the successful transition to value-based pricing, but they've produced and trained their staff on such a compelling client technical stack that their firms are running at efficiency levels that others dream about. These trailblazers will personally walk you through the finest details of how you can achieve profitable year-on-year growth of 35%+.

This is not a theoretical syllabus. Think of this as the MBA for accountants who want to run a profitable, growing, interesting, culturally valued, amazing firm. A practice you will be immensely proud to be a part of.

I'm happy to personally discuss your investment in Karbon Academy, and I guarantee we'll work tirelessly to ensure you are rewarded tenfold. If after a few weeks you are not satisfied for any reason, I'll happily refund your money.

Here are just a few components that we'll cover in-depth during the first six weeks of the course:

  • Organization design

  • Marketing strategy

  • Firm foundations

  • Leadership

  • Process mapping

  • Finding you niche

  • Business planning

  • Ownership and accountability

  • Templates for checklists and tasks

  • Retention marketing

  • OGSM and OKRs

  • Team collaboration and foresight

  • Email and workflow management

  • Websites, SEO and SEM

  • AasS, metrics and reporting

  • Operating mechanisms

  • Your tech stack, implementing and educating

Delivered in an innovative online approach consisting of lectures and accountability sessions with your fellow Academy attendees, you'll have the opportunity to corroborate the lessons you learn, and discuss your implementation issues, wins and losses.

This editorial was written by Stuart McLeod, CEO and co-founder of Karbon.

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