Innovation in the modern accounting firm

Jason Blumer, CPAFounder and CEO, Thriveal CPA Network
Jason Blumer

An ability to innovate is one of the most important characteristics of any accounting firm looking to succeed. Special guest presenter Jason Blumer, CPA, Founder/CEO of Thriveal CPA Network takes a deep-dive to explore where innovation fits into your firm.

This video shows you:

• How to restructure your firm like a business
• The search for secrets in an accounting firm
• 3 important risks your accounting firm must be ready to take
• 1 new place to introduce innovation into your firm
• The benefits of becoming an innovative firm

Jason Blumer, CPA
Founder and CEO, Thriveal CPA Network

Jason is the founder and CEO of Thriveal, a network to help entrepreneurial CPA firm owners connect, learn, and grow by providing them with a community, coaching, consulting, events and more. He is also the CEO of Blumer & Associates, CPAs, co-hosts two podcasts of his own, speaks and writes frequently for the financial and creative industries, and was named by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.

Jason Blumer