A definitive guide to making cash flow services real with Karbon, Float and Graeme Tennick

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Cash flow advisory is spoken about a lot, yet can still cause confusion in practice. Most of this comes down to the specific workflows for carrying out this service that can differ so much depending on the unique attributes of your clients.

To put an end to this confusion, Float, Graeme Tennick & Co and Karbon are joining forces to demystify cash flow advisory services. Join them to discover the specific workflows to deliver meaningful, sustainable and profitable cash flow services.

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  • Why workflows are so critical for your cash flow services

  • The 3 individual but connected workflows for delivering valuable and profitable cash flow advice

  • How Graeme built cash flow workflows in his bookkeeping service and secured the team’s buy-in

  • How to access cash flow advisory workflow templates to begin using in your firm instantly

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Graeme TennickFounder, Graeme Tennick & Co
Sam FairbairnKey Account Manager, Float
Sam Fairbairn
Ian VacinCo-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon
Ian Vacin