Financial forecasting: How Enae Jackson-Atkins positioned her advising practice for success

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Traditionally, clients have turned to their accountants to assess their historical performance and current financial position. But looking in the rearview mirror isn't enough to position a business to thrive. 

In this webinar, join Ian and Kathy as they talk with Enae Jackson-Atkins, an accountant and LivePlan strategic advisor, to discuss why financial forecasting is the advisory service your clients need.

Enae will showcase how she brings value to her clients each month with forecasting and strategic advising, and how her practice is set up for efficiency and scalability. 

You’ll gain a complete introduction to this service offering and come away with a blueprint to start taking a more proactive approach with your clients’ finances.

Register to learn:

  • The difference between financial budgeting and financial forecasting

  • Why forecasting makes such a valuable advisory service for your clients and your firm

  • How to communicate the benefits of financial forecasting to your clients

  • How to provide up-to-date information and projections to evaluate a client’s position, assess risk, identify opportunities and threats, and make adjustments

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