How to create more value by linking compliance and advisory

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It may have been overshadowed by business advisory services in recent years, but compliance will always be at the core of an accounting practice. And the practices that are creating the most value for their clients know that advisory and compliance must go hand-in-hand.

In this webinar, Ian Vacin will be joined by Rachel Fisch from Wagepoint to discuss the future of compliance, why it should be linked to your advisory services, and how a service such as payroll can be the starting point for a long and profitable client relationship.

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  • Why advisory services on their own are not enough, and must go hand-in-hand with compliance

  • How payroll can be the gateway for your high-value compliance firm

  • Techniques for automating your compliance workflows

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Rachel Fisch
Principal, Realty Tax

Before starting her firm, Realty Tax, Rachel was the Chief Global Development Officer for High Rock Accounting, consulting for several accounting technology partners including Wagepoint. She is known for predicting where the market is heading and takes a strategic approach to accounting software, applications, and understanding how to position their features for a global market.

Rachel Fisch

Ian Vacin
Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon

Ian is passionate about helping businesses be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years' experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is a recognized expert, innovator, and teacher.

Ian Vacin