The essential metrics to measure your firm’s health


How well do you really know how your firm is performing? Can you accurately predict where you will be next month, next year and beyond?

In this video, Ian Vacin reveals the critical metrics and KPIs you can track to truly understand your firm’s performance and future growth. Each of these metrics tracks an individual aspect of your practice, and when combined, they will give you a comprehensive view of how you are performing and where you trending.

You'll learn:

  • The 10 most vital KPIs to your firm’s long-term success

  • How to measure each KPI

  • How to compare your firm’s health to others

  • Drilling into your team’s efficiency and output

By the end of this video, you'll understand the benefits of shifting your gaze from the past to the future to predict whether you will reach your firm’s long-term goals, and more importantly, know exactly how to do it.

Download the presentation slides.