Driving smarter communication habits with Email Insights

Scott GerdzunasSenior Account Executive, Karbon
Scott Gerdzunas

The way your team communicates over email impacts firm efficiency, client satisfaction, and scalability.

It's worth the investment to get it right. But most firms don't have a clear lens over the way their team currently uses email.

Email Insights in Karbon changes this.

In this video, Scott shares how you can use Email Insights in Karbon to gain a whole new level of understanding over how your team communicates. With these never-before-seen metrics, you'll identify where your firm can make instant improvements.

Learn how you can use Email Insights to reveal:

  • Daily email volume by client, employee and overall

  • The average email response time across your firm or for specific people

  • How your client communication compares month-on-month

  • The clients that consume your team's time most

  • The team members most efficient at managing their Triage

  • Your firm's busiest times of the day for sending and receiving email

  • How effective your team is at anticipating client questions

Scott Gerdzunas
Senior Account Executive, Karbon

Scott’s #1 priority is to help practices like yours grow and, more importantly, scale, with the enhanced visibility, standardization, collaboration and automation that Karbon offers its users. During his five year tenure at Karbon thus far, he’s helped hundreds of practices transition onto Karbon to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

Scott Gerdzunas