Eliminate, automate, delegate: strategies to become a super-efficient firm


Progressive accounting firms around the world that are having the most success all have one thing in common—they know there is always room for improvement. What can your practice learn from them?

No matter how productive your team is, your processes can still be made more efficient. In this video, Steph Hinds, Founder and Head Ninja at Growthwise, explains the steps to move from an efficient accounting firm, into a super-efficient one.

Using her mantra of eliminate, automate, delegate, Steph demonstrates how your team can get more done. With the overall objective of maximizing efficiency, you'll learn:

  • How to determine what to eliminate from your life and business

  • How to use cloud tools to automate your processes further

  • The art of delegation—given that you'll end up needing less staff for the same level of output.

Consider this video a masterclass in taking your accounting firm's efficiency to the next level.