Email management habits to guarantee less time in your inbox


The average professional spends 28% of their workday (or 2.6 hours) in their inbox.

Despite the rise of new communication tools, email is still the number one channel for client communication, work discussion, and even team collaboration—particularly if you're no longer under the one roof.

So, if you want to be more productive, one of the first things to address is how you use email. In this video, Ian Vacin shares his top tips and proven techniques to manage your email more efficiently.

Watch to learn:

  • A proven method to reduce the time you spend on every individual email

  • Why the first email determines how the rest of the conversation will be carried out, and how to make sure it's efficient for everyone

  • The benefits of reducing the number of times you look at your inbox each day, and how to achieve this while still providing a timely response to your clients

  • How to cut down on the overall volume of email

  • Tools and add-ons to be more productive with email

  • How to improve your own and your team's email behavior using Karbon's Email Insights