Mine your accounting firm's data to discover powerful insights


Create data that leads to powerful insights

Scaling a firm requires you to have well-packaged data. This helps you know your way forward. But it’s difficult to obtain the right data that means enough to allow you to actually make changes in your firm.

Service organizations can’t scale without clarity, and data can bring clarity. But finding the right data, often embedded in the minds of humans, is hard to come by.

In this video, Jason Blumer, CPA from Thriveal and Ian Vacin from Karbon, explore some common points of data that are important to monitor. They also share an innovative way to create data in your firm that doesn’t readily exist. 

And they deep-dive into:

  • The importance (and pitfalls) of data creation and management

  • The key areas where firm leaders should be making data assessments in their firm

  • Practical examples of how to create data when it doesn’t exist