How to coach your team to run high value client meetings


Building a repeatable workflow that your team can use to consistently deliver smooth, contextual and high value client meetings is important. It means you, as your firm’s leader, don’t need to deliver every single monthly meeting for every single client.

But this takes coaching and planning. This is where purpose-built workflows can help you and your team work smarter, not harder.

Discover the Prepare. Meet. Act. workflow by Connect4. It ensures your staff are prepared with the right tools and material to conduct easy-to-join meetings that can be easily followed up and actioned.

Watch to learn:

  • How to build a system so your team can consistently hold client meetings that win, retain and expand client revenue

  • How industry leaders are using the Prepare. Meet. Act. workflow

  • How you can use Connect4 to ensure client meetings turn into actions and notes that are exactly where you need them—with their client information in Karbon