Capacity exchange: Where client revenue and team capacity meet


It’s one thing to understand capacity. But knowing how to leverage it to match client revenue is a whole other game.

In this video, Jason Blumer (Thriveal) and Ian Vacin (Karbon) share how you can lead your team with deeper intention around the use of their capacity.

Watch to learn about:

  • The ‘Capacity Exchange Bridge: how to successfully exchange your team’s capacity for client revenue

  • The ‘Scaling L’: the part of the Prototype Components Model for Growth that allows you to scale (and shows you where you may struggle) 

  • The responsibilities of leading a firm with a focus on capacity management

👉 Access the deck.

This is the final installment of a three-part series on understanding the depth of capacity for accounting firms. Catch up on part 1 and part 2.