Capacity exchange: Where client revenue and team capacity meet

It’s one thing to understand capacity. But knowing how to leverage it to match client revenue is a whole other game.

In this session, Jason Blumer (Thriveal) and Ian Vacin (Karbon) will share how you can lead your team with deeper intention around the use of their capacity.

Register to learn about:

  • The ‘Capacity Exchange Bridge: how to successfully exchange your team’s capacity for client revenue

  • The ‘Scaling L’: the part of the Prototype Components Model for Growth that allows you to scale (and shows you where you may struggle) 

  • The responsibilities of leading a firm with a focus on capacity management

If you can’t join Jason and Ian live, register anyway to receive the recording.

This is the final installment of a three-part series on understanding the depth of capacity for accounting firms. Catch up on part 1. The recording of part 2 is coming shortly.

Jason Blumer, CPA
Founder and CEO, Thriveal CPA Network

Jason is the founder and CEO of Thriveal, a network to help entrepreneurial CPA firm owners connect, learn, and grow by providing them with a community, coaching, consulting, events and more. He is also the CEO of Blumer & Associates, CPAs, co-hosts two podcasts of his own, speaks and writes frequently for the financial and creative industries, and was named by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.

Jason Blumer

Ian Vacin
Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon

Ian is passionate about helping businesses be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years' experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is a recognized expert, innovator, and teacher.

Ian Vacin