20211129 Automating and improving customer service with Karbon
20211129 Automating and improving customer service with Karbon
This event is closed.
This event is closed.

Automating and improving customer service with Karbon

Learn how you can use Karbon to strengthen client relationships by building trust and confidence in your accounting firm's processes.


Successful client relationships are built on trust, transparency, responsiveness and confidence in ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. All things that Karbon can help your accounting firm excel at.

In this webinar, Scott will outline some of the key ways people are using Karbon to automate aspects of their customer service to drive more efficiency, and how they are providing more value to the relationship with the time saved.

Register to learn:

  • How to use email visibility to understand a client’s situation in detail

  • How to automate the client chase while still providing a human experience

  • How to hand-off client jobs that involve multiple team members

  • Metrics that impact client satisfaction that can be measured in Karbon

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive a recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Scott Gerdzunas
    Scott GerdzunasSenior Account Executive, Karbon

    Scott’s #1 priority is to help practices like yours grow and, more importantly, scale, with the enhanced visibility, standardization, collaboration and automation that Karbon offers its users. During his tenure at Karbon thus far, he’s helped hundreds of practices transition onto Karbon to achieve greater productivity and profitability.