Automating client onboarding with Ignition and Karbon


Discover how you can integrate Ignition and Karbon to create a seamless client onboarding process, automate key steps, and free your team to focus on the high-value activities—without any wasted time or the risk of forgotten tasks.

Richard from Karbon and Ethan from Ignition outline how your workflow can be triggered the moment a client accepts their proposal.

They are also joined by Steph Hinds from Growthwise who shares how her team uses the two apps together every day, the benefits she has seen, and some client onboarding best practice tips of her own.


  • How the Karbon + Ignition integration works

  • Steps to map services in Ignition with templates in Karbon

  • The magic of triggering workflows the moment a client accepts their proposal

  • The impact this has had on efficiency and client experience at Growthwise

  • Client onboarding best practices