Accountex London 2022: Tips and tricks to get the most out of your visit

One of the biggest events for accountants and financial professionals in Europe is back after a long break. Accountex London 2022 is coming up on 11-12 May, showcasing 250 global brands and start-ups. This is a great opportunity to learn, network, and discover new systems and strategies to take your accounting business to the next level.

A group of people standing at a convention centre. They're wearing backpacks and are mingling with each other.

With an overwhelming number of exhibits, it’s going to be tough to visit them all. Even if you spend only 2 minutes at each exhibit, it would take you 6.5 hours to get through them all, which doesn’t include any seminars or keynote sessions.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips and tricks to make the most out of your time at Accountex London 2022:

1. Know what you are looking for

Before you go grocery shopping, you ideally write a shopping list. It saves you time and energy (and money), and helps you remember exactly what you need.

The same goes with the Accountex London 2022 exhibitor list. After all, you’re investing your time, and just like with any investment, you need to maximize it.

Set your goals and intentions, and prepare a strategy beforehand. What is the single biggest problem you’re trying to solve? Once you understand that, you can crosscheck the exhibitors list and plan your time appropriately.

2. Bring business cards

It might sound old school, but a business card is a great way to stay in someone's memory via their pocket.

This is a great opportunity to expand your network, but relying on someone to remember your website, email address or to look you up on LinkedIn isn't, in itself, reliable.

So have a stack of your business cards ready to hand to new contacts so they can put them in their pockets to revisit after the event.

A good alternative to business cards is creating your own QR code people can scan that will direct them to your website or LinkedIn profile. And to take it up a level, you can create a Linktree account, which allows you to create a single page with a list of links, say your website, LinkedIn profile, and business LinkedIn page, etc. Then you can create a QR code that opens to your Linktree page, so people have several ways they can connect with you—all from a single QR code.

Here’s an example of Karbon’s Linktree account that’s linked out via the link in our bio:

A mock up of an iPhone using Linktree. The Karbon logo is at the top, above a list of buttons that say '$66m raise announcement', 'Careers: Open roles at Karbon', '', 'Accounting Leaders Podcast', 'The Process Playbook', and 'Karbon Template Library: Browse & download 300+ templates'.

3. Ask the right questions

You might think you know exactly what you want to ask each exhibitor, but chances are that you’ll forget a question or two when you’re standing in front of them. So, make a list of questions you’d like to ask them.

And take this time to think strategically about your questions. You’re considering making a significant investment into solutions for your accounting firm, so this is a great opportunity to learn more about the businesses behind the solutions.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is the business problem your product solves?

  • How many years have you been in business?

  • How many clients do you have?

  • Describe your ideal client?

  • How many of my clients would suit this product?

4. Leverage social media

Apart from learning about hundreds of different products, events like Accountex London 2022 can be opportunities to build out your thought leadership and social media strategies.

Use this time to leverage exhibitors, take photos of their products and booths, and share them across social media. Make sure you tag people, exhibitors and vendors—chances are, they’ll repost and/ or engage with your post, which further-expands your reach. It’s also a great idea to tag @accountex and use the #accountex hashtag in all your posts—you’ll likely get a retweet from the Accountex team.

5. Produce post-event content

Share your thoughts and experience of Accountex London 2022 to drive traffic to your website or social profiles. It’s a great way to debrief on the event and share your insights with the broader accounting community. 

For example, was there a particular seminar you found interesting or challenging? You can add your input as a blog post or LinkedIn article, and share it with your network. Use your experience to generate discussion, further-expand your network, and strengthen your social media presence.

Use your time wisely

Accountex London 2022 is free to attend, so your time is the only resource you invest. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize it. Use these tips to plan your visit and leverage the connections and information gained.

And don’t forget to visit the Karbon UK team at stand #473 to learn more about the practice management solution with collaboration at its core.