The legacy pathway: Driving real, measurable purpose through your firm

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The research is clear — purpose-driven companies make more money, have more engaged employees, more loyal customers and are better at innovation and transformational change.

In this past year, Paul Dunn’s work on The Legacy Pathway has inspired audiences around the world. Now, he brings it all together for you in this specially-created Karbon webinar.

Paul explores why having a real purpose is so critical for your accounting firm. He will give you simple yet highly impactful ways to experience these positive changes quickly and effectively.

Register to learn:

  • The fundamental shift in thinking happening in leading-edge firms

  • The new blue zone model, and what this means to your own firm's success

  • How to map out a legacy pathway for a more enjoyable, focussed, and rewarding firm

  • How to become a magnet for top talent and great client

  • How you can achieve this quicker than you imagine

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Paul Dunn
Chairman, B1G1

Paul Dunn is the first person ever to receive AccountingWeb’s “Outstanding Contribution to Accountancy” award. He is an uber-guru to businesses of all types and his seminal books include “The Firm Of The Future”, which is widely regarded as one of the most important of its type ever written.

Paul Dunn