The 4 essential ways to grow your accounting firm

Ed ChanFounder & Non-Executive Chairman, Chan & Naylor

In this video, Ed Chan will draw on his experience growing Chan & Naylor into one of Australia’s leading accounting businesses. Ed will share the four growth methods that have been the most successful for him.

Watch to discover each of Ed's four essential ways to grow an accounting firm, why they work, and steps to start implementing each one and start seeing results quickly:

  1. Referral program

  2. Monetisation sheet

  3. Digital marketing

  4. Mergers and acquisitions

You'll gain actionable tips to strengthen your brand, increase awareness, boost credibility, gain more ideal clients, and ultimately, more sales and profit.

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Ed Chan
Founder & Non-Executive Chairman, Chan & Naylor

Ed started Chan & Naylor from a small home office in Sydney and grew it into a National Financial Services Organisation that now works without him, with offices in most capital cities around Australia, servicing more than 10,000 clients.

In 2018 he co-founded WIZE Mentoring, a network for accountants who want to know how to successfully grow their firm and have it run without them.

Richard Snell
Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific, Karbon

Richard brings almost 20 years of leadership experience working for SaaS companies in the accounting industry including MYOB, QuickFee and Wolters Kluwer. He has a proven record of helping accounting firms leverage technology to grow and improve their business.