3 effective marketing tactics for accounting firms you can implement in 1 hour

Ryan LazanisFounder, Future Firm
Ryan Lazanis

Successfully marketing your accounting firm isn’t achieved overnight—but there are quick, easy, and effective tactics you can implement right now to get a jump-start.

In this video, Ryan Lazanis, CPA from Future Firm, and Rachel Peng, Marketing Manager at Karbon, discuss 3 quick win marketing tactics you can use to attract and convert leads into clients.

They step through the following tactics:

  • How to use the P.S. email tactic to draw your audience’s attention

  • How to save lost deals with a simple email follow-up tactic

  • How to set up your local SEO profile to grow your firm’s client base

Ryan Lazanis
Founder, Future Firm

Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA founded Xen Accounting, a 100% cloud-based accounting firm, in 2013. Following its acquisition in 2018, Ryan started Future Firm to provide content and coaching to help other accountants fast-track their own online, scalable firm.

Ryan Lazanis

Rachel Peng
Marketing Manager, Karbon

Rachel leads Karbon’s marketing programs in North America. She spends most of her time understanding the work-life of the accountant-turned-entrepreneur, connecting with customers, and executing marketing strategies that bring value to the community Karbon serves. She is an extroverted introvert and has unhealthy obsessions with many things, one of which is spicy food.

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