2022 Practice Excellence Report

Analyzing the business abilities of 1,000+ accounting firms across the globe. How does your firm compare?

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How does your firm compare?

Karbon’s Practice Excellence Assessment is a tool used to help accounting firms better-understand how they are performing across all areas of Practice Excellence, including how they stack up against other firms.

Every two years, we collate and analyze the overall results, identifying the key areas separating leading firms from the rest, with an in-depth analysis of the most impactful findings.

To date, over 1,000 accounting firms from across the globe have participated. This report analyzes the data from these firms, painting a picture of how accounting firms are performing over the world.

Download to learn:

  • How firms compare across region, size and business tenure

  • The exact areas leading firms are focusing their efforts on

  • Initiatives that are commonly under-utilized by firms, yet have significant impacts

  • How accounting firms have risen to the challenges of COVID-19

  • The changing priorities of firms, compared to the last Practice Excellence report (released in 2020)

  • The most common technology solutions, reporting metrics, growth initiatives, and management techniques used by firms

With this report, you can compare your own firm with others around the world, improve your shortcomings, and safeguard your firm so you can continue to weather future storms.

To better-compare your firm and extract more value from the report, take the free Practice Excellence Assessment.