Benchmark your accounting practice: See how yours compares to 1,000+ global firms


How does your firm compare?

For the first time, we reveal the results from our in-depth analysis on the business abilities of over 1,000 accounting firms from around the world. 

In this video, discover what the strongest firms are doing, common growth barriers, the hidden impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the steps your firm should take to excel in strategy, efficiency, growth, and management.

An expert panel delves into the 2022 Practice Excellence Report’s key findings, including:

  • How accounting firms have risen to the challenges of COVID-19

  • The changing priorities of firms, compared to the last Practice Excellence report (released in 2020)

  • How firm size and tenure impact Practice Excellence, including trends for each

  • The activities that leading firms are investing in (and why)

  • How firms compare across region, size, and business tenure

Presented by Ian Vacin, Practice Excellence champion, Karbon Co-Founder, and Chief Partnerships Officer, with special commentary from Stef Gomes-Ng, Karbon’s Marketing Operations & Data Analyst, and Omer Khan, Karbon’s Head of Customer Success, APAC.

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