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A preview of the 'Trust Income Tax Return' templateTrust Income Tax ReturnReady to Start1 AutomatorCreate and send engagement letter / agreement to client (via client task)CompletedCLIENT TASKSTax time is here2 AutomatorsReview and confirm this year's trust tax engagement (attached)CompletedProvide your year-end financial summary, trust general ledger access, and any tax-related documents/slipsCompletedKick-off6 Automators

This is the Karbon best practice template for trust tax returns (T3). To use this template with Karbon, set all trust tax returns under a 'Tax: T3 (Estates and Trusts)' work type. There are four roles in this work template for Admin, Preparer, Reviewer and Client Manager (for the tax review meeting).

The start date is when you would like to begin the work (e.g. day after fiscal year-end) and the due date is no later than 90 days after the end of each tax year (the tax year of a trust is its fiscal period). The work assignee is the Admin.

The automators within the workflow will update the task due dates and move the assignment of the work automatically based on the completion of the sections themselves.

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