Work less and earn more by managing your firm's traffic flow


In every accounting firm there is constant traffic. Managing this traffic poorly can break your business. Or, if you implement a system for managing your flow effectively, you'll earn more money but work less.

In this video, Richard is joined by Ed Chan to learn the traffic management techniques used to grow Chan & Naylor into one of Australia's leading accounting firms. Ed discusses how traffic management can make or break an accounting firm, and why this is more true than ever during the COVID-19 crisis.

Most importantly, you will learn actionable techniques to effectively manage the flow of your own communication traffic such as email, phone calls, instant messages and meetings, and your firm's production traffic — the actual work you deliver.


  • Why traffic flow is one of the biggest barriers firm owners face

  • How to dissect your traffic into communication flows and product flows

  • Real-life examples for effectively managing these in your firm

  • How this can translate to a distributed firm