20210610 Using Karbon to collaborate with your team remotely
20210610 Using Karbon to collaborate with your team remotely
This event is closed.
This event is closed.

Using Karbon to collaborate with your team remotely

Discover how Karbon enables collaboration across your remote team, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Transitioning to working from home changes how you work with your team. No longer can you tap someone on the shoulder for a quick update or ask a question. Which is why it’s more important than ever to have a solution in place that allows you to work together effectively.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Karbon can be that solution for your firm. Miranda will show how you can use powerful collaboration tools to manage your workflows, communicate with your team, and deliver exceptional client work—all from your home.

Register to learn how you can:

  • Discuss client emails and work with colleagues using Comments

  • Share updates with team members using @ mentions

  • Monitor progress using customizable work dashboards and tasks

  • Stay on top of your own notifications using Triage

This webinar is suitable for anyone who is new to Karbon.

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive a recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Miranda Kendall
    Miranda KendallManaging Director, UK, Karbon

    With more than 18 years as a leader working in SaaS, Miranda has a gift for building and scaling businesses that are entering new markets and achieving results that impact. In her last role before Karbon, she started with a blank canvas and left the company performing £6M Annual Recurring Revenue. She is passionate about helping accounting firm improve their operations using efficient, scalable and automated processes, and improving their productivity and profitability.