Building the perfect tech stack for your accounting firm

David DiNardo

With accounting and technology becoming so intertwined, firm owners and managers are having to become more intentional about the software that they choose. But when the technology ecosystem is already so extensive, and continually growing, it's an extremely difficult task.

How do you decide on the tools and technology that should make up your accounting firm's stack?

In this video, hear from David DiNardo, President and CEO of Envolta Cloud Accounting. David outlines the full tech stack that he has implemented, which has enabled Envolta to become one of Canada's fastest-growing companies, while retaining 99% of their clients.


  • The tools in Envolta's tech stack, covering all areas of running the business

  • How these tools work together, and the specific workflows they impact

  • How the client experience is impacted

  • David's tips for assessing and identifying the tools that are right for your firm

Download the presentation slides.

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