The blueprint for an effective team: how to structure and hire for painless growth

Ed Chan

When many accounting firm owners think of growth, they also think of pain. But it doesn't need to be this way.

In this video, Richard Snell is joined by Ed Chan from Chan & Naylor to learn his blueprint for building a scalable team, based on his experience growing his firm to 150 staff across 12 offices.

Ed shares his ideal team structure and how to hire the best people for each role, which can be the foundation of your growth, profits and lifestyle.


  • The most common mistakes firms make when building their teams

  • Why growth should not equal pain

  • The 7 essential divisions that every firm needs

  • The blueprint for an ideal team

  • How to hire differently for finder, grinder and minder roles

  • What to consider about outsourcing

  • Tips to systemize and automate certain functions

This is a special chance to hear from one of Australia's leading industry figures (with the results to prove it) and learn actionable steps to improve efficiency, grow profit, improve staff happiness, recruit confidently and retain your best staff.

To learn more from Ed Chan, download the free playbook: The Accountant's 20-Hour Workweek from WIZE Mentoring.

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