Supporting your clients through COVID-19


In the current climate, every accountant is being forced to adapt to provide the assistance their clients need right now, and also to help their own firm in the process. And for most, this is being done while working from home—something that presents a challenge in itself.

In this video, learn how GustoJiravIgnition and Karbon are working together to power you and your firm through this time of need. Experts from all four vendors come together to share their best tips and advice to help as many clients as possible navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

You'll learn:

  • What new services and offerings are available to help you support your clients through advisory and obtaining government loan assistance

  • How to access real-time federal, state and local policy information and toolkits

  • How to scope and price new service offerings to help your clients

  • Best practices for communicating with your team and clients virtually

  • How to use Gusto, Jirav, Ignition and Karbon together to create efficiencies and serve your clients at scale