Social accounting: How accountants can make the world a better place


The ways accountants can make an extraordinary impact on their team, clients and world.

For the last century, the accounting industry has focused on business compliance. But now, with the fourth industrial revolution and tech advancements, accountants have the opportunity to be more than just compliance agents.

Forward-thinking accountants are pledging to a new era of accounting. They are helping businesses become forces for good. They are guiding clients to achieve a triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. They are forging the way forward. They are social impact accountants.

In this recording, Omer Khan, Karbon’s Head of Customer Success (APAC), is joined by Harvee Pene, accountant, author, speaker and changemaker. Together, they will share:

  • What Social Accounting means

  • How accounting firms are joining forces in making the world a better place

  • The surprisingly simple ways that you can make an extraordinary impact on your team, clients and the world

  • How you can become a social accountant and part of Karbon’s Social Accounting program