How to gain a single source of truth for your firm's critical information


Today, accounting firms use anywhere between 10-1,000 apps and systems to get work done. But the efficiencies gained from using super-powered, ‘best of breed’ tools are lost when you are required to navigate through each one individually, make the same update in multiple systems, and rely on team members to always do the same.

In this video, Melissa Stout from inDinero shares the challenges her team faced from app-overload, and how Karbon provided them with the single source of truth for all client information, work & communication, for the whole team to share.


  • Why a single source of truth is critical for every firm

  • How to identify and improve your band-aid solutions

  • Best practices for documenting your most critical information

  • Techniques to improve your transfer of knowledge across your team

  • Steps to ensure buy-in across your team when migrating to a new system