Designing a scalable organizational structure where each partner can manage $5million in fees


For decades, accounting business owners have struggled to identify and implement their most effective organization structure.

How you structure your firm affects the productivity of your team, the service your clients experience, the effort required to deliver that service, and most importantly, your profit.

In this video, Ed Chan joins Richard Snell for an exclusive fireside chat to share the secrets behind the success of his business, Chan & Naylor. Ed discusses his top considerations and the exact steps you can take to implement an organizational structure that allows each partner to manage $5million in fees.

Ed and Richard discuss:

  • The flaws of running a traditional partnership

  • The consequences of continuing to run a traditional partnership model

  • The incentive for implementing a corporate organizational structure

  • What the structure includes and the specific actions you should take

  • Why you should strive for a business that can run without you, rather than being a prisoner to it (and steps to get there)

Hear directly from one of Australia's leading industry figures on what it takes to run a successful accounting business.