The red carpet blueprint


Client satisfaction is a critical value of any profitable accounting firm. Happy clients are more loyal, and a great chance of providing you with referrals or upsell opportunities.

In this video from Karbon and GoProposal, James Ashford and Ian Vacin share an easy-to-replicate blueprint for giving your clients the red carpet treatment—built upon automated and efficient processes—which will exceed their expectations and increase your chances of upselling your services.


  • Techniques to make a great first impression every time

  • Why you must map out your processes before you bring in the technology

  • How to seal the cracks in your start-of-client-journey process

  • The ultimate red carpet treatment to signup and onboard new clients quickly

The video also gives you a sneak peek of the upcoming integration between GoProposal and Karbon that will enhance this process, allow you to give more value to your clients, work more efficiently, and grow your firm more profitably.

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