Overcome your practice barriers at Scaling New Heights

Join Stuart, Ian and Andi from the Karbon team at Scaling New Heights on May 22 to May 25 in the Bahamas.

With 1500+ accounting professionals in attendance and 100+ training courses to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to help you achieve the conference theme of developing an “Epic Practice” while networking with like-minded peers. If you haven’t done so, register today.

The Karbon team has worked closely with the Woodard team in simplifying the training course catalog to map the 7 practice barrier categories as identified by your peers during our local accountant roundtables last fall. You can experience a roundtable for yourself by signing up to one of three roundtables being held at the conference from 8 – 10:30 AM on Sunday, May 22. Go to the Attendee Portal to customize your own conference schedule and to reserve your seat in class.

To ensure you maximize your conference experience, here are our top three courses per category to ensure you can address your specific areas to grow:

Practice Management

  • Epic Firm (3-part track)

  • Epic ProAdvisor (3-part track)

  • The Contemporary Outsourced Accounting Model (2-part track)

HR Management

  • Growing from Solopreneur to Employer (2-part track)

  • Epic Firm 301: People

  • The Impactful Leader


  • Accountant Roundtables: Uncover your Top Practice Barriers and Solutions— delivered by 

     on May 22nd at 8 PM

  • Think Outside the Books: Management Consulting for the Accounting Professional

  • Value Pricing: The Secret Formula for a Better Way to Price Your Services


  • Freedom from Inbox Tyranny — delivered by Karbon on May 25th @ 2 PM

  • A How-To Guide for Managing Work, Creating Checklists & Completing Tasks— delivered by 

     on May 22nd @ 4 PM

  • Other Tools of the Trade

Client Acquisition & Management

  • Speak Greek to Business Owners – and Double Your Profits

  • Sales 101: Selling Professional Services

  • Outsourced Marketing and Lead Generation

Processes & Tools

  • Streamlining Your Workflow in the Cloud

  • How to Create a High Tech Firm – A Panel Discussion

  • Selecting and Connecting Apps to the QBO Ecosystem

Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing 101: A Marketing Primer for Accounting Professionals — delivered by 

     on May 22nd at 2 PM

  • Online Marketing Essentials

  • Building Online Communities (4-part series) — Part 1: Social Media delivered by 

     on May 23rd @ 4.20 PM

If you want to get a sneak peak on the top 10 individual practice barriers and ways to overcome them, check out our #10barriers series or watch this webinar.

We look forward to seeing you at Scaling New Heights!

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