Organizing your firm’s end of year party

For most accountants, a practice’s end of year party (not to mention the EOFY party) is a key event on the social and team-building calendar.

This year we know accountants who have planned a cocktail-making class; others who will award crazy prizes for achievements such as “dumbest thing said in the office” or “most innovative solution to a problem”.; and others who will have a themed dress-up lunch (your favourite superhero) complete with poker and roulette!

So with such high stakes and creativity, how do you get your team to plan the perfect end of year celebration party?

This year Growthwise organised theirs using Karbon. So we asked the team to share how they did it, since it’s good to see how accountants are using it not just to manage client jobs, but also internal projects and tasks.

Here it is!


Instead of endless email threads and time spent, we now had one place where we could all have our say. The plans came together so effortlessly, we only wished we could have done it this way last year! This is how we did it:

Step 1

Create Work called “Christmas Party” and assign it to the staff member ultimately responsible for organising it all — your resident party planner!

Step 2

Create a Checklist. This should have all the important tasks, like:

1 – Gather suggestions from the team

2 – Pick 3 suggestions for everyone to vote on

3 – Send a note to the team to pick their fav

4 – Gather votes and decide

5 – Contact venue/wherever you are going

6 – Put an invite in the team’s calendar

7 – Confirm

Pro-tip: if you have this in an email or document, just copy & paste it into Karbon and each line will become a separate task. You could even copy & paste the list straight from above!

Step 3

Send a note to all team members straight from the Work you created asking them to give a suggestion.

Step 4

Once suggestions start coming come in, shortlist the best and ask the team to vote on their favourite. You may not even need to call a vote — you will easily see which idea has everyone the most excited thanks to the visibility of Karbon.

Step 5

Choose the winning option. There won’t be any complaints about the fair and transparent way the decision is made!

Step 6

Your party planner (who the Work was assigned to) can now do the rest. By keeping the rest of the team updated, everyone will feel included.

Step 7

Once confirmed, communicate the details to the team.

Step 8

Now there is nothing left to do but celebrate the end of a great year!


It’s so easy you’ll be ready to start planning next year’s party as soon as this one is over! Just another way Karbon can make you work better together.

Growthwise is a Newcastle-based accounting firm but not your average nerdy, pen pushing, number crunching, sit–behind–a–desk small business group of accountants. Follow them on Twitter. They are also users of Karbon.