New in Karbon: Time & Budgets

This event is closed.

Join us as we unveil one of the most significant Karbon updates ever: Time & Budgets.

VP of Product, Sara Goepel, will give you a full overview of the new functionality, show you what it can do for your firm, provide tips to get started, and answer all your questions.

Register to learn how you can use Time & Budgets in Karbon to:

  • Translate time estimates to dollars so that you price every job appropriately

  • Compare budgets to actuals

  • Manage capacity and optimize everyone’s workload

  • Enter and approve time, powered by auto-suggestions based on individual activity in Karbon

  • Know if you are trending under or over-budget

  • And much more

This webinar is for Karbon customers, and will give you the perfect introduction before Time & Budgets is released in your account.

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive the recording.