Navigating change in your accounting firm painlessly

Carl ReaderChairman of Business Advisory, d&t
Carl Reader

There aren’t many industries that evolve at a quicker pace than accounting. There is always a new system, service or initiative that can help you grow, save time, or bring greater profit. 

But change can also bring pain. And this potential for pain is what deters so many accounting firms from adopting positive changes that will reward them in the long run.

Ignition and Karbon teamed up to bring you an expert panel that explored the ins and outs of change management. Miranda Kendell was joined by Carl Reader, Jeremy Hyman and Peter Grillet to discuss best practices and proven techniques to help you make changes without the pain.

Watch to learn:

  • The essential aspects of change management

  • How to overcome resistance from your team

  • The most common pitfalls of introducing change, and how to overcome them

  • How to ensure every team member feels heard

  • The steps to plan for a successful change

Carl ReaderChairman of Business Advisory, d&t
Carl Reader
Jeremy HymanAssociate, Jeremy Hyman Associates
jeremy hyman
Miranda KendallManaging Director, UK, Karbon
Miranda Kendall
Peter GrilletHead of Customer Success, EMEA, Karbon
Peter Grillet