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Contributing Author Lynda Steffens

Lynda Steffens is the author of Accounting Revolution and Founder of The Small Business Project. With 20 years of industry experience, Lynda is transforming the way accountants connect with clients. She developed her advisory training as a result of seeing her peers overwhelmed, undervalued, and simply burned out. The Small Business Project supports accountants in building the confidence and capabilities they need to lead successful practices.

Lynda Steffens headshot

About The Small Business Project

The Small Business Project is a professional resource centre for accountants in public practice to gain advanced business advisory skills and successfully expand their small business services with ongoing business advisory.

The Small Business Project Advisor Intensive Programs—Business Metamorphosis®, Leading Edge Business™ and Ready, Set, Coach—equip accountants with the knowledge, skills, structure and advanced methodology required to meet the increasing demand for business advisory services and successfully manage small business clients in an ongoing advisory relationship.

We are driven by our purpose to significantly revolutionise the way accountants work with small businesses as true advisors and in turn, increase business success rates.

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