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Contributing Author Leah Roe

Leah Roe is the Founder of The Perk, a premier Leadership Development studio on a mission to build the world's best leaders & teams. Leah is a CPA-turned leadership coach and culture consultant. She loves taking dynamic and complex topics, like trust, culture, communication and resilience, and breaking them down so leaders have actionable ways to take ownership over the culture they desire & the leader they want to be.

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About The Perk

The Perk is a premier leadership & culture development studio on a mission to build the world's best leaders. They are famous for their high-energy & high-impact Team Workshops, custom curated Leadership Development Programs, 1:1 Leadership Coaching, & CLEAR Leadership Operating System—a clear, concise, & consistent methodology that cuts through the noise, enabling you to lead with confidence, creativity, & a deep sense of community. CLEAR is your ‘cheat sheet’ for incredible leadership.

What sets the Perk apart is their uniquely fun + human approach, fresh perspectives, growth mindset, & focus on developing the human-centered leadership capabilities that drive the greatest business impact in the world today.

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