A mock up of the 'Work Outstanding' dashboard in Karbon Practice Intelligence
A mock up of the 'Work Outstanding' dashboard in Karbon Practice Intelligence
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Harness the full potential of Karbon Practice Intelligence

Discover how Karbon Practice Intelligence can help you make impactful business decisions faster and increase your firm's overall performance.


Use Karbon Practice Intelligence to overcome data blindness.

Continuous improvement and staying up-to-date with the latest features are vital for maximizing the benefits of a tool as powerful as KPI. 

In this session, you’ll gain hands-on training to deepen your understanding of the eight KPI workbooks.

Learn practical strategies for:

  • Tracking email volume and responses times

  • Identifying WIP and work to be billed

  • Understanding employee efficiency and client profitability

  • Balancing competing priorities, resolving resource conflicts, and adapting to changing project demands

Join Logan Baillie, KPI Product Manager, as he shares how you can quickly make sense of your firm’s current data with the help of our curated and easy-to-understand dashboards.

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Meet the speaker
  • Logan Baillie
    Logan BaillieProduct Manager, Karbon

    Logan understands the challenges of consolidating organizational data and enabling data-driven decision making across the various levels of the business. He is passionate about providing solutions through Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) that allow leaders to focus on what matters.