The Karbon work dashboards that provide visibility, clarity, control


Karbon’s Kanban board gives you a visual snapshot of everything across your firm. When you use it to its full potential it can help you track the progression of jobs, identify bottlenecks and ensure nothing is falling through the cracks.

And perhaps the most powerful part of the Kanban board is its flexibility. Filters and sorting options allow you to customize and create a dashboard that will provide answers across almost anything regarding your firm’s workflow.

In this video, Ian shares best practices for building the most useful and impactful Kanban dashboards.

Watch the video to learn:

  • The most popular work dashboards created by Karbon customers

  • Other less common dashboards that you may not have thought of

  • How to build and save each one using filters and sorting

  • How to share your favorite work dashboards with team members

  • Other advanced tips to get the most out of Kanban in Karbon and supercharge your workflow

Further resources

Download the presentation slides.