Karbon performance issues report: November 20, 2019

Sara GoepelVP of Product, Karbon

During the weekend of November 16 & 17, we upgraded and migrated our Azure Data Center infrastructure. Unfortunately, for some of our customers, this migration was not without issues.

We began planning for this move six months ago, with the goal of achieving these key benefits:

  • Ability to have localized data and services closer to our customers

  • Improved security

  • Improved customer experience for our global customers

  • A common and automated deployment platform

  • Vertical and horizontal scalability across the platform

The migration was carried out during the least busy time for our customers, but once it was completed, some customers began to experience intermittent performance issues. These included failed logins, delays in email being imported, and general slowness of the application.

The new physical infrastructure did not perform as well as we expected it to, and further refinement was required. We understand how frustrating this has been, and we are extremely sorry about the disruption. We know that many customers experienced a real interruption to their workflow, and this is not good enough.

We place our performance and your experience at the very top of our priorities, and we have learned some hard lessons from this process. We will be running a thorough internal review to avoid future impacts on customers.

The current state of the application is stable, and the worst is definitely behind us. We have been able to identify and resolve the core performance issues and are working around the clock to monitor and minimize any future disruptions.

Once again, we are deeply sorry for the disruption and frustration this has caused. Thank you for understanding, thank you for your patience, and thank you for being a customer of Karbon.

Sara Goepel
VP of Product, Karbon

Sara has been leading product teams for the past 14 years. She was one of Xero’s early employees in 2007, and responsible for teams building sales, support & operational systems, as well as a global product scalable to millions of customers. Her projects have received numerous awards including three Webbys.

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