Introducing Xama HUB for integrated AML with Karbon

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Join Jacques Maland to discover how you can use Xama Hub as an integrated money-laundering solution with Karbon.

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  • How you can use Xama HUB to collect ID documents and run AML checks on your contacts.

  • How Zapier can help you automatically create clients in HUB as part of the client creation processing Karbon.

  • An insight into plans to create a Karbon HUB App, including how you can help contribute towards the research and development of the future app integration.

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Jacques Malan
Managing Director, Xama Technologies

Xama Technologies are developing integrated anti-money laundering solutions to streamline the onboarding and compliance processes for accountants.

Jacques Malan

Miranda Kendall
Managing Director, UK, Karbon

With more than 18 years as a leader working in SaaS, Miranda has a gift for building and scaling businesses that are entering new markets and achieving results that impact. In her last role before Karbon, she started with a blank canvas and left the company performing £6M Annual Recurring Revenue. She is passionate about helping accounting firm improve their operations using efficient, scalable and automated processes, and improving their productivity and profitability.

Miranda Kendall