How to move clients to your preferred accounting tech stack

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Chances are you’ve had a conversation with a client or two about how the systems and processes you’ve set up means their work is completed faster and with less pain.

But, despite your best intentions, not all clients get it. And convincing them to use your preferred tech stack is no exception.

Some clients are afraid of change, some don’t like learning new tools, and others are just plain stubborn.

But almost any client can be moved to your preferred accounting tech stack—all it takes is finding the right motivation, and knowing how to pitch and manage the move.

In this webinar, Blake Oliver, Accounting Community Advocate at Relay and Ian Vacin, COO and co-founder of Karbon, are joined by Salma Hatim, CPA, CFO, and CEO of PROKONECT, to discuss the 5 key strategies she uses to move clients to her firm’s tech stack.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a financial case for using your tech stack

  • Create financial incentives to move (even if presenting a case fails)

  • Anticipate and sidestep client resistance

  • Tap into resources from the software vendors to help you move clients over

  • Lay out your vision so your clients understand the benefits to them when using your preferred tech

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