Bring more value to your clients through HR advisory services


Your clients look to you to be guided through all kinds of issues related to running their business. It's not uncommon for this guidance to become increasingly distant from 'traditional' accounting services.

The most forward-thinking firms are capitalizing on these needs by expanding their services in ways that will bring more value to clients. Learn how you can too.

Ian (Karbon) is joined by Richard Lane (Guideline) and Tom Gabbert (Milestone) to explore why HR Advisory Services is a logical opportunity for your firm to expand into. Learn the specific types of services to consider, why modern solutions make it much easier than was once possible to be well-skilled in this area, and explore in detail one specific aspect of HR Advisory Services: assisting clients to choose the right 401(k) plan.

You'll learn:

  • Why you should consider HR advisory services

  • Common HR advisory services to consider

  • How this can complement your existing financial services

  • Actions to get started

  • How to help your clients choose the right 401(k) plan

  • Additional resources that will assist your expansion into HR advisory

Download the template for Guideline 401(k) process for accountants