Designing an efficient, painless and streamlined bookkeeping process

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It pays to explore every option to improve your practice's common tasks and jobs. Because even a minor change can add up to huge improvements in efficiency, quality, service and revenue especially for those that you perform at high volume.

Join Karbon and Receipt Bank for a masterclass on perfecting one of your practice's most critical and repetitive processes: bookkeeping. You'll learn the critical steps, best practices, and common solutions being utilized by industry leading firms to manage their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Register to learn:

  • What you should know before building and implementing your bookkeeping processes

  • The critical steps, and what to cover: document collection, client management, prep, processing, and reconciliation

  • Solutions to common pitfalls

  • An insight into the actual process being utilized by one leading practice

  • Examples of 3 Receipt Bank to Karbon workflows

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Ian VacinCo-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon
Ian Vacin
Kalliopi VlastosU.S. General Manager, Dext
Kalliopi Vlastos — Receipt Bank
Keith BatemanU.S. Marketing Manager, Dext
Keith Batemen — Receipt Bank