Change management 101: How to confidently implement change at your accounting firm

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The accounting industry is undergoing massive change. From adopting cloud accounting technology to offering new advisory services, firm leaders face many decisions that all involve change.

And change isn’t easy. It’s a contentious subject that some love and others hate. This, along with the high cost of doing it incorrectly, is why effective change management is critical—so you and your staff can navigate through it with clarity and cross the finish line happily together.

In this webinar, Joe Carufe, Karbon’s Director of Services and resident accountant, takes you through the why, what, and how of change management with a proven and effective eight-step framework.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Have a clear vision for why you should foster a culture of change

  • Understand the three different types of change

  • Know the eight steps to implement change

  • Apply the framework to a new project

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Joe Carufe
Director of Services, Karbon

Joe has led cloud accounting firms since 2011, focusing on strategy, leadership, technology, efficiency, and talent integration. He is passionate about process improvement and loves talking with leading accounting firms and other top app vendors from across the globe.

Joe's headshot. He's wearing a black tshirt with the Karbon logo, and behind him is blurred greenery.